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Our Vision

  • To be a prime complete marine service provider for energy transportation.
  • To be the Best ship managers for its customers and to be regarded as undisputed leader in energy transportation and ship management.

Our Mission

  • The company is committed to provide world-class marine assets, to transport energy in all forms, that would meet and or exceed customer requirements, thus enhancing value of all its stake holders.
  • The company is committed to provide high quality ship management system and to use our team’s technical & experienced knowledge to achieve a safe, environmentally responsible and efficient operation on all our managed ships.

Core Values

  • Innovative, Loyal and Responsive to our customers.
  • Quality through Professionalism, Reliability and Transparency.
  • Responsible Safety and Environmental practices.
  • Competitive and Entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Enhancing & spreading knowledge.
  • Fostering loyalty within its employees at sea and ashore.

Our Aim

Marine Service Pvt. Ltd. aims to achieve –

  • Safety and environmental protection as our top priority.
  • Zero Accidents, Zero loss to people and environment. Enhancement and sharing of knowledge to inculcate best practices.
  • Fostering of loyalty amongst its colleagues, clients, customers and stake holders.
  • Being a Socially Responsible Company.