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Technical Management

Our Technical team is capable of guiding & handling all types of preventive maintenance on board. Prior posting of crew onboard, care is taken to update the information of crew for the requirements of respective vessels. We understand that continuous operation of vessel is utmost priority of Owners. Our management is fully aware that safeguarding these vessels’ and their owners’ interests requires the highly efficient utilization of the crew. We provide highly qualified, motivated and dedicated seafarers who fulfill the demanding requirements of this existing market. The onboard crew is the key to a vessel’s safe and smooth day-to-day operation. At Doris Marine Services Pvt. Ltd we understand that crew management is one of the most important factors in running the vessels.

We arrange spares and repairs at most economical cost, which is the prime motto of Doris Marine Services Pvt. Ltd.

Owners will be able to access reports and data regarding the running of their vessels through an open Book Based Reporting System. Doris Marine Services Pvt. Ltd is thus in the position to provide ship owners with up-to-date information regarding their respective vessel under our management. The aim is to provide the most transparent management system possible for ship-owners requiring the very latest information about their vessels - be it of a technical, crew, accounting or other related nature.

Being a one stop provider of crew management services, the following activities form an integral part of our services.